I always thought, ‘m not like normal girls who go on shopping sprees, picking up things on the go, (by things I mean, just about anything- useful, not so useful or useless) until recently. Well, yes I do pick up practically useless things (by useless I mean – things not required that point in time, not even in the near future and things which might not be of use to me – like men’s deodorant- just in case my friends need, extra Tooth brushes- just in case I run out of them, of course unless I need to fend for  my whole colony- yeah I have more than buffer stock, car perfume – I don’t own a car- just as I find the fragrance mesmerising !) . Well, I PICK UP A LOT OF JUNK! Sigh…

Realisation did not just strike me; it gave me a harsh blow. I lost my job when the most coveted time of the year approached – Discount Sale! I thought – it’s all going to be normal as I didn’t need anything, until I walked into one of those Heavenly places – Every Shopper’s paradise – a garment’s store on SALE!!! It all appeared absolutely fine as I had a voice in my head continuously warning me – NO INCOME!!! I felt victorious when I walked out empty handed from the outlet with items on sale screaming their lungs out – ‘Buy Me”!!! I thought I was different and all the instances of me on a shopping spree earlier appeared quite normal, as if I shopped as I needed them. I have been a personal shopper for all my friends (Not professionally, but have either accompanied them or waited on them patiently through the whole ordeal or have just shopped for them in their absence). I ventured out on many such occasions again and came out triumphant, without spending a penny. But, I had forgotten my trait. I shopped best on my own. Well, I don’t splurge on one expensive item, but on quite a few inexpensive items which add up to too many, not to mention – of little or no use. After the latest debacle of splurging on the not so essential essentials, I have come to a not so happy realisation – An analysis on the pattern of my expenses. It’s almost a step by step procedure, almost like a plan charted out by my subconscious mind.

First, I would visit a few outlets, practically embossing the images of things I like in my brain.

Second, I would sleep over it. PS. Till this moment, my conscious mind has successfully convinced me that I DON’T NEED ANY OF THEM.

Third, if there is some image that is not letting me be at peace and screaming in my ears, ‘BUY ME’, I visit the place again. Now, something really weird happens, I have a top pulling me to the store, but there , I lay my eyes upon a beautiful skirt(my weakness – I have several new skirts in my wardrobe waiting to be worn). I feel like a princess in my “Swayamvar” being wooed by several handsome men all at the same time. Ufff… Alas… I divert my attention to the alluring skirt with my conscious screaming loudly, ‘Girl YOU DON’T NEED IT’. I stop in my pace, and a very sweet voice tells me, ‘darling this is what you’ve always wanted; remember that top you bought years back, waiting to be worn, this would be a perfect match for it’. I check the skirt, ‘Wow!’ screams my heart, my brain says, ‘NOOO drop it back’. I turn to check the discount – 60% off. My heart jumps out of joy. My brain argues, “what if it’s cheap, you don’t really need” and tries to suggest me combinations for the ageing top in my wardrobe. I stop for a while, and then I hear someone next to me say, “Wow this looks so cool!” And that acts like the last nail in the coffin. Amidst the two voices putting forth their point, I tell my brain ‘I am buying it dude. I need it, and it’s in trend now”. Similarly, I come across ‘things’ that I feel are quite inexpensive and I might not get a better deal and my heart justifies it to my head that how badly I need them. Yeah… the world is going to end today. ‘There ain’t no tomorrow’! Humph… And that’s how I end up giving a good business to the outlet and some new friends to the already rotting clothes in my wardrobe! I call them rotting, as I take them out only when I am setting up my wardrobe (which is very rare) only to realise their existence, soon to forget.

Fourth, Reality dawns the moment I get back home, only to realise, this is not what I couldn’t have done without. I regret having splurged my savings on the ‘not so useful’ things.

I am no different – ‘m just the girl next door! This disappointment is short lived, as I exude a similar behaviour again 4 months later – Remember the next DISCOUNT SALE!